Bradson Had One of Those Fancy Japanese Toilets (a.k.a Clarendelle Wines)

white-0028845There is WikiLeaks and then there is RickeeLeaks. Hacked text messages reveal further details from the February 19 tasting in Toronto. Trump’s team is attempting to cover up the text messages he sent to Bill Clinton. The Trudeau camp is less than ambivalent towards the leak. Is there no such thing as bad publicity? Meanwhile, two good wines that are presently on the shelfs of the KGBO deserve your consideration. Both come from the same producer: CLARENCE DILLON WINES. Both cost $25. Both are a bargain when compared to their price outside of the People’s Republic of Ontario. They are great buys.

Starting with the white CLARENCE DILLON CLARENDELLE BLANC 2014 VINTAGES 28845, is a lower alcohol (12.5%) dry white wine that is mainly a blend the Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon grapes. The Sauvignon Blanc gives the wine freshness and the Sémillon gives the wine depth and weight. It’s a classic technique used to make white Bordeaux and it works beautifully. White Bordeaux is hard to find and finding one at $25 really excited me. You will be rewarded if you bought a few and aged the bottles for 2 or 3 years.

The CLARENCE DILLON CLARENDELLE RED 2012 VINTAGES 28837 is a lower alcohol (12.5%) red. If you are looking for big-and-bold-fruit-forward wine then this wine will not fill the ticket. It’s sophisticated, has nice pucker, balanced red fruit (cherries), and some secondary notes of liquorice and maybe a little tobacco. Very French and great value. The wine’s taste profile and intensity build as you enjoy your glass of this wine. No need to age this wine.

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The Wine Muddler blog is a reflection, criticism, and research of The LCBO Vintages Release. It is composed by Rick Wood from Toronto Ontario. The Wine Muddler is the satirical musings of a man muddling through life in search of good wine

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