About The Wine Muddler


The Wine Muddler blog is a reflection, criticism, and research of the LCBO’s bi-weekly Vintages release. Every two weeks, a small group of amater and professional wine enthusiasts gather to taste wines from the release. A few people have a formal wine education but we are mainly a group of people of all ages and background. We have at least one thing in common and that attribute is we enjoy good wine. No one sponsors us, not the LCBO, not wine agents, and not wineries. We send their own hard-earned money on the wines that we review. A wine is recommended only if we are willing to spend our limited dollars on a bottle. We try to identify why one would buy the wine and whether the wine represents value. We are beholden to no one but ourselves and our bank accounts. This type of independent review of wines is sadly lacking in the confusing world of wine consumption.

The blog http://www.thewinemuddler.com is composed by Rick Wood from Toronto Ontario. In drafting content he tries to reflect the views of the tasting group. He is biased and opinionated. He prefers wines of finesse that achieve balance between a wine’s essential elements, such as fruit complexity, acidity, and structure. If your palate prefers fruit-forward-bold wines this blog likely is not for you.

The Wine Muddler is the satirical musings of a man muddling through life in search of good wine.

“Read it if you like wine, good writing, or have wasted hours wandering the aisles of the LCBO only to grab the coolest label in the ‘slightly-more-than-I-usually-spend’ price bracket.” The Wine Muddler’s daughter #1.

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